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Providing Remedial Massage Therapy based on assessment and I will apply appropriate techniques for each patient.

Techniques includes dry needling ,joint mobilization, myofascial release, myofascial cupping ,positioning release,ancient eastern technique, emotional release technique.


When I assess, sometimes I use psychosomatic therapy body analysis to see old emotional reaction pattern ,trauma in the body when I need to.

Emotional reaction is often suppressed in our physical body without knowing and give us a pain or discomfort. So when patient’s symptom comes from psychological reason I apply this type of knowledge in my treatment.


Also I have an understanding of where body need to built strength through my allied health assistant study.


I consider all elements above in my treatment.


So I treat patient’s body as a whole. Patients would experience to have a balance back into their body and mind and spirit after treatment.

At the same time patients get an awareness what is going on their body sometimes mind during treatment that can give an idea how patient can maintain their condition better and look after themselves.


This is how I assist patient and I believe how people can keep optimum health.


My passion is to support process of people start look after themselves more, respect their own body and feel alive to live fully.


I am so grateful to be a part of this process each time I see patient.

Where we get Yumi's treatment

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