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Being a professional athlete and competing at the highest level for so many years I always searched for body recovery and massage to help the process of being back at my best to keep training.

When I meet Yumi the first thought I had was a had struck gold as not only did the massage feel so amazing but her ability to find the best possible way to unlock the tension in my body, Yumi also always goes above and beyond and has such a wonderful energy and passion for her work.

I could not recommended Yumi enough to all people looking for either stress relief or deep body work that will bring your body mind and soul back into balance.

Nathan Corbett      11x World MuayThai Champion

Thanks Yumi for your wonderful tutoring . Your detailed examples to learning the anatomy and function of it, breaking everything down to its simplest form made learning so much easier for myself.

You covered all learning styles and got all your students involved.

I really loved all the extra information you shared, so grateful for your guidance to becoming a massage therapist.

You definitely help so many students to succeed with confidence.

Massage Schools Graduate Student

Not sure how you fixed me once again! When I left you yesterday the pain in the top of my right foot had gone. I could not believe it and thought it must have been a fluke! I woke up this morning , still no pain. Still evening after weeks of discomfort (ultrasound to prove it), the pain has gone, even when I press it!

How?! Was it that needle in my lower leg? Thank you so much.


I know Yumi through massage school. She was a class tutor and her role is to give students a greater understanding of human anatomy , client assessment and massage techniques .

 From my experience ,I  always found her knowledge to be extensive.

Her ability to assess an individual needs are instinctive and she has the skills and understanding in massage therapy to accommodate everybody.

Additionally she is a kind and compassionate person.

 I have no hesitation in recommending Yumi to anyone. Thank you Yumi.

 Massage School Graduate Student

Yumi is a woman who has a deep humanity that can't be said in a word, and has a big heart to accept everything like a sea and also has such a gentle heart . When I met her for the first time, Yumi has such a powerful energy

like a sun, shining with a brilliant smile. And I felt like her eyes were looking at me straight into my deep level . Yumi's assessment, just a few minutes after examining my body, magically told me and gave me a lot of awareness. I remember the emotions that were hidden in me , overflowing with tears.

Her therapy is far beyond of anatomy and physiology knowledge that ordinary therapists learn at school, she treated Emotions, energy, spirit, past trauma of client from a wide range of perspectives and gently unlocking the key of emotions that were trapped in the body subconsciously.

Her treatment guides patient to have a quality of life.

I call Yumi’s therapy is life itself.

Sometimes it is very difficult to face reality. However Yumi has energy that is very firm but warm with her big love so I can completely trust her mentally and physically and that made me feel I can step forward in my life.

Her work is very professional as she provides a treatment physically and physiologically which is a perfect balance.

I am wishing all the people around the world to experience her therapy.

Massager Therapist, salon owner

Thank you Yumi.My fingertips can touch each other on my back still !

It has been impossible since high school now I can do it after your treatment .

Even though I have been having  issue my stiff shoulders , I couldn't improve it at all, and I finally felt that my sensation returned to my shoulder .It had been numbing for 25 years!  This is the first experience to change so far in just one time. I feel like I am balanced  where I should be.  Thank you so much.               

Massager Therapist, Salon owner

Yumi is a great therapist. Since I have seen Yumi-san, my physical condition has improved greatly, and at the same time I have recovered mentally. “I always have her practiced when I am feeling a bit down and after her treatment I re-energized each time. I really appreciate to experience her treatment. I am very proud and respect her. Yumi, you are so trusted. I am always grateful for your help. Thank you .

Chiropractor, Massage therapist

 I attended Yumi's emotional release workshop .I have been suffering from depression for a long time and emotional control has not been successful.  The feelings of anger and anxiety that have accumulated in the body without knowing it. When you turn your consciousness toward the body, the miracle experience begins at the cellular level and begins to interact with the body. Emotion release that reaffirms that listening to the body’s message means treats ourselves respectfuly.  I sincerely support the future of therapist Yumi.        

Workshops Workshop Participants / healers, therapists

I met Yumi for the first time at a massage school that I was in Australia, but I have been looking forward to Yumi's classes since that time, and it hasn't changed since almost 10 years. I want to go to her workshop to brush up.  The relationship between emotions and muscles is very interesting and very useful in my therapist life. Meeting Yumi-sensei is my treasure in Australia. 

Massage school graduates, Workshop Participants/ Massage therapists

Based on biomechanics, Yumi taught me how to unravel the body mechanism and approach for body treatment so I can confirm what I have been doing as an occupational therapist and massage therapist.

Also I discover new way to see body and  connection between anatomy and therapy . I think that I made me able to explain the physical condition deeply to the patient.  In the lessons, everyone was naturally relaxed and united, and I was still in touch with the people who participated together to practice and exchange information.  I looke up on Yumi and I want to join  her  workshop again.

Workshop participants / Occupational therapist, massage therapist

I met Yumi at the massage school, and the world of my massage has changed since.With a lot of professional therapists, I was convinced that Yumi , who was taught not only by techniques but also by clear anatomy explanation from her real experience  in clinic work.  Every week, I can easily understand in her tutorial  class even something  I can't understand in a regular class.She cleared up my doubts, I can follow a class at ease because I have been taught in detail so far. I loved going to this class

There were English-speaking students, so it was wonderful to see Yumi taught fluent English to native people, and it was a great stimulation for me to be in a class that she provided knowledge and intelligence. She created a such a fun,happy atomosphere in the class but at the same time everyone was learning  very enthusiastically.I am so thankful to meet her. Thank you very much .   

Massage school graduate / massage therapist

Yumi's class is theoretical and easy to understand. In addition, the contents of the experiences that she had actually experienced in her therapist's life was taught ,I could use it immediately in my work. Her enthusiasm and passion motivated me and when there was something unclear in me was cleared in her class always. Her class made it very clear what we can do as massage therapists. I feel that many people will be excited to have her class and Yumi’s class will give therapist a tool that can help clients with more possibiliteis.

Massage school graduate / massage therapist

When I was attending Yumi's class at massage school, she mentioned that we have the ability to read emotions and understand personality from the bodies structure and postures. I was so interested in this concept, so I joined her workshop. I learned about the relationship between each emotion and the associated body parts, and then I underwent an emotional release treatment at the workshop. Personally, I have had low back pain since I was in high school, and have received various types of electric and acupuncture treatments. I did not get much relief from these treatments, and the pain persisted in my low back especially when I was tired. However, after the workshop I gained an understanding of the reason for my lower back pain. From this point, after the emotional release treatment I didn't suffer anymore back pain.

What I felt at the workshop was that when Yumi performed an assessment and observation of my body and all students bodies in the class, the information gathered from this assessment, Yumi was able to communicate to us what is going on from reading the body, without us saying anything.

I realized when clients feel that therapists understand them -the quality of treatment changes a lot. So after this experience, I had three body reading workshops on the face, foot, and whole body.

I learn a lot in the workshop, but even if my mind gets confused, Yumi worked with us together and made it clear for me. It was a very relaxed workshop I could ask whatever I wanted.

I think that this knowledge can be useful in various areas, such as how to communicate and assess clients and plan a treatment for them and also what kind of advice we can give to them. It would build a great rapport with clients.

Thank you so much Yumi-san.

Massage school graduate student/Workshop Participant/Massage Therapist

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