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I have been teaching students for Certificate IV in Massage as a tutorial / student support lecturer from past 10 years at the Massage Schools of Queensland, a massage training school accredited by the Australian Government which established in 1988.

My mission is to support international students who have to study in second languages, and even help the local students to support the assessment process and make sure the main course contents are understood clearly.

Also clarify the flow of how class knowledge can be applied to real clinical settings and workplace experiences.

At the same time, I am passionate about let students aware of holistic health and true well being through massage study as therapists.



Short term course - 4day Intensive Swedish massage course starts from 2020.


At the end of the course, the Australian Government-certified certificate will be issued by the Massage Schools of Queensland.

Class contents, textbooks and assessments will be in English.


If you have any inquiries for long term courses ( Certificate IV, Diploma Course),short term course , school orientation tour , please e-mail me.

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